Refurbishing YOUR furniture

Looking to breathe new air into your furniture? Urban Hippie LLC is here to help!

We can transform your entire kitchen, bedroom, dining room, on site at your own home, all in ONE day!

The furniture is typically painted from the outside only, leaving you to not have to empty them beforehand. With smaller pieces of furniture, we can collect them from you and return when completed. Pieces are hand painted to perfection, using countless artistic techniques, such as tasteful distressing by hand, dry brushing, and freehand painting.

We exclusively use chalk paint, there is no need for sanding beforehand, avoiding great amounts of dust. The paint we use is odor-less and non toxic, as is our extra matt finish varnish to protect your painted surfaces and making them washable, but above-all, hand-painted chalk paint gives that unparalleled chic style and glow!

For a FREE quote on your next project! Call: 203-848-4496 or send us an email.